Object-Based Data Model: Store Spatial and Attribute Data in a Single System (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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Object-Based Data Model

The object-based data model treats spatial data as objects. An object can represent a spatial feature such as a road, a timber stand, or a hydrologic unit.

  • Advanced in computer technology have made it possible to store spatial data and attribute data together in a single system. A new data model called: Object – based vector data model.
  • The object-based data model stores both the spatial and attribute data of spatial features in a single system.
  • The object-based data model allows a spatial feature (object) to be associated with a set of properties and methods.
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Interface for New Object Based Data Model

  • A new data model requires new concepts, terms, and data formats.
  • Menus, icons, and dialog boxes instead of command files.
  • Clicking on a menu shows allowable operations for the object.

Terminology of Object Based Data Model

There are different types of terminology in given below:

Terminology of Object Based Data Model
  • Object: Anything that can be seen or touched. Objects have attributes and behaviors.
  • Properties: Attributes are characteristics that describe objects. They are also called data or properties. For example, Text. Font (Arial)
  • Operations (actions) : An object՚s behaviors are called operations that either the object can perform or can be performed on. For example, Table. AddRecord
  • Class: is a pattern or blueprint for creating an object. It contains all the attributes and behaviors that describe the object.
  • Instance: the object you create from a class is called an instance of a class.

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