Advantages of Nontopological Vector Data and Shape Files (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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Advantages of Shape Files

A primary advantage of shapefiles is that this simple file structure draws faster than coverage does. This may be why the shapefile data structure was developed for ArcView GIS, a software program that was originally designed for data viewing rather than analysis.

In addition, shapefiles can easily be copied and do not require importing or exporting as do. e00 format files.

This Figure Shows Nontopologi-Based Map - Shapefiles

Non-topological vector data can be points, lines or polygons. ESRI calls non-topology-based maps “shapefiles.”

Advantages of Nontopological Vector Data

  • They can display more rapidly computer monitor than topology-based data.
  • This advantage is particularly important for people who use, rather than produce, GIS data.
  • They are nonproprietary and interoperable, meaning that they can be across different software packages.

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