Terrain Mapping: Vertical Profiling Showing Elevation (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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Vertical profile shows changes in elevation along a line, such as a hiking trail, road, or stream.

Figure Shows Contour Profile Mapping - Vertical Profile

The Profile Graph tools on the 3D Analyst interactive toolbar are used to derive a graphic representation of one or many profiles. Profiles can be generated from any 3D line feature (s) drawn over a surface.


  • Draw a line on a contour map.
  • Mark each intersection between a contour and the profile line and records its elevation.
  • Raise each intersection point to a height proportional to its elevation, and
  • Plot the vertical profile by connecting the points.
Chart Shows Vertical Profile Showing in Elevation

These figures represent a vertical profile showing in elevation along a stream tributary. The profile has a vertical exaggeration factor of 1.0, or no vertical exaggeration.

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