Distance Measure Operations: Cost Paths & Types of Paths (Each Cell, Each Zone and Best Single) (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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Distance measure operations calculate distance away from cells designated as the source cells. For example, to get the distance between cells and , we can use the following formula: or Cell Size . If the cell size were 30 meters, the distance would be meters.

In raster data analysis, two types of distance measure operations are supported:

Figure Shows Two Typeso of Distance Measure Operations

Cost Path

The Cost Path operation uses the created distance dataset to identify the shortest cost path a destination for the objects in the source dataset specified in the Cost Path dialog box.

Path Type

Figure Shows Path Type in Cost Path Distance Measure Operati …

Each Cell

Create the cost path for each source cell of the specified objects

Each Zone

Creates the cost path for each zone, a zone is consisted of cells with the same cell value.

Best Single

Creates only one cost path, which is the shortest of the cost paths.

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