Network Analysis and Applications of Network Topological Features in GIS (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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In general, a network is a system of interconnected linear features through which resources are transported or communication is achieved. Network is a set of connected lines.

Network Datasets and Geometric Networks — ArcObjects 10.4 Help …

Uses of Network

Network can represent rivers, roads, waterlines, telecommunication lines etc. Networks can be Directed and Undirected/planer and non-planner.

Two Main Applications of GIS Networks

In GIS Networks are widely used for two kinds of modeling:

Diagram Shows Two Kinds of Network Modeling

Transportation Network

Transportation network are an undirected network. Edge on a network may have a direction assigned to it, the person or resource being transported is free to decide the direction, speed, and destination of traversal.

For example: Person in a car travelling on street

Figure Shows Person in a Car Travelling on Street

Utility Networks

It is a directed network. Utility network՚s path is predetermined. It can be change but not by agent. For example, the electricity flows around the circuit and lights the bulb

Figure Shows Electricity Flow Around the Circuit and Bulb

In ArcGIS, Transportation network modeled using network dataset. For utility dataset in ArcGIS modeled using geometric dataset.

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