What is a Matrix: Common Matrix Operations (Transposition, Summation, Multiplication) (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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Definition of Matrix

A rectangular arrangement of data, usually numbers, in rows and columns. In computer science, a two-dimensional array is called a matrix. In GIS, matrices are used to store raster data.

Matrix provides a variety of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to support projects of all sizes and types.


The following example shows one matrix having and

Example of Matrix

Used to represent attributes of spatial interaction (e. g. commuting flow, traffic flow, commodity flow, migration, and so on)

Conversion between matrix and relational table often necessary as matrix is not well supported in GIS software.

Matrix Operations

There are four types of matrix operations:

  • Matrix Transposition
  • Summation of Matrix Elements
  • Matrix Multiplication
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