Definition of Geographically Referenced Data: Need & Components of Geographical Referenced Data (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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Geographic Referenced Data defines location and characteristics of spatial features such as roads, vegetation, and land parcels on Earth՚s surface. Geospatial Data discrete GIS from other Information Systems. Geodata represent real-world objects in a digital data format.

Geographic Referenced Data Descibes Location and Ch …

Geographically refered data describe both location and characteristics of spial features on the Earth՚s surface. For example in describing a road, we need to refer its:

  • Location (real world coordinate)
  • Charactertistics (road classification, its volume etc.)
Illustration 2 for Definition of Geographically Re …

The street network is based on a plane coordinate system. The box on the right lists the x- and y-coordinates of the end points and other attributes of a street segment.


  • Georeferencing is crucial to making aerial and satellite imagery, generally raster images, useful for mapping as it explains how other data.
  • Very essential information may be contained in data or images that were produced at a different point of time. It may be desired either to combine or compare this data with that currently available.
  • Different maps may use different projection systems. Georeferencing tools contain methods to combine and overlay these maps with minimum distortion.
  • Using georeferencing methods, data obtained from surveying tools like total stations may be given a point of reference from topographic maps already available.

Components of a Geographical Referenced Data

It has two main components:

  1. Spatial data representing its location
  2. Attribute data representing its location
Diagram Shows Components of Geographical Referenced Data

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