Dr. Roger Tomlinson (1933 − 2014) : “Father of GIS” (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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Roger Tomlinson Known as Father of GIS

His Journey

  • Primary originator of modern computerized GIS
  • Known as Father of GIS
  • Served as assistant professor at Acadia
  • Conceptualized combining land use mapping with emerging computer technology
  • Developed Canada Geographic Information System, the first computerized GIS in the world
  • Chairman of the International Geographical Union GIS Commission
  • Awarded the Order of Canada by the Governor General for “changing the face of geography as a discipline.”


  • Human experience of space is too complicated to be limited by landscape.
  • Tomlinson developed the first GIS for use by the Canada Land Inventory in the early 1960s.
  • He was leader of Canada GIS (CGIS) .
  • His goal to develop land management plans for large areas of rural Canada and factor was forest & mineral resources, wildlife habitats, water resources.
  • His paper entitled, ″ Computer Mapping: An Introduction to the Use of Electronic Computers in the Storage, Compilation and Assessment of Natural and Economic Data for the Evaluation of Marginal Lands ″ led to numerous research in the field of GIS.

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