Application of Geocoding: Address Data Analysis, Customer Data Management, and Distributed Geocoding Applications (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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The application of computer programming to construction of maps and geographic distributions of data has been called geocoding.

Picture Shows Geocoding Applications

Address Data Analysis

With geocoded addresses, you can spatially display and the address locations and begin to recognize patterns within the information. You can be done by simply looking at the information by using some of the analysis tools available with ArcGIS and display your address information based on certain parameters, allowing you to analyze the information.

The illustrations show how the geocoded addresses were presented according to time, season, and day of the week to assist in crime prevention planning. Additional analysis tools available in ArcGIS could be used to further analyze the information to identify patterns.

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Customer Data Management

Geocoding acts as a crucial part of customer data management. Every organization maintains address information for each customer or client. This is usually in a tabular format, containing the customer name, address, buying habits, and any other information you have collected. Geocoding allows you to take your customer information and create a map of their locations using a variety of related applications.

Distributed Geocoding Applications

There is a wide range of methods that you can use to share your geocoding functionality. That includes everything from collecting the needed material and sharing via a compressed file or compact disc to developing an online application, allowing users to do geocoding over the Internet.

For example, many real estate firms have found advantages in distributing information about available real estate via the Internet.

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