Pseudocylindrical Projections: Robinson and Sinusoidal (Especially for GATE-Geospatial 2022)

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A pseudocylindrical projection only the central longitude line, or the prime meridian, is straight; all the other longitudinal meridians are curved. The scale is constant along any given latitude. The sizes are less distorted than some other projections. There are many kinds of pseudocylindrical map projections commonly used.

1. Robinson

Robinson Projection


Shape distortion is very low within of the origin and along the equator.

Scale is made true along latitudes N and S. Scale is constant along any given latitude, and for the latitude of opposite sign.

Major Uses

Thematic world maps

2. Sinusoidal

This Figure Shows Sinusoidal Projection


An equal area map projection in which parallels and the prime meridian are straight lines and the other meridians are increasingly curved outward from the prime.

Meridians are sinusoids; parallels are equally space.

Major Uses

World maps and continental maps.

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